REPOST: Spookie is sneezing!

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REPOST: Spookie is sneezing!

Post by Sall » Thu, 03 Jan 2002 09:55:37

Hi all,

First kitten crisis...Spookie's been sneezing all day!  It started with one
or two last night...and now he's sneezing every few minutes.  I realize its
probably an upper respir. infection from the shelter, which is quite common.

Since I got him yesterday, and don't have a vet yet (vets weren't open
today), is there anything i should/could do to make him more comfortable?
I've got the humidifier running in the bedroom, and he's sleeping on my lap
right now.  He might also have a fever, but I'm not completely sure.

Any suggestions to tide us over 'till tomorrow when I can get him to a vet?
Or do I just let this thing run its course?



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