Happy Christmas miracle!

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Happy Christmas miracle!

Post by scyoun » Wed, 06 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Our friends have a beautiful barn cat they got with their house when they
bought it. They were slowly able to tame her and fed her well. So well that
she became pregnant and had beautiful kittens, all of whom found happy
homes. And then of course she was spad, as is the responsible thing to do!

But Thelma disappeared one day in May.  My friends weren't too worried at
first since she was accustomed to living outdoors, hunting mice etc. and was
used to coming and going as she saw fit.
But when month after month passed by and there was no sign of her, they
worried that she ahd met her match somewhere in the wild.

Seven months after she left, and about 3 days before Christmas, she
appeared. A skinny but blessed Christmas miracle for our friends. They just
wish she could talk and tell us about her