Stove Sitters

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Stove Sitters

Post by lian » Fri, 07 Jan 2000 04:00:00

All 3 of my cats have become stove sitters.  They take turns, staring up at
the fan above the stove.  The fan vents to outside, and there is a nest of
birds in there.  (oh, God, I sure hope its birds!! )  They can hear all the
rustling & noises.  Sometimes the birds make quite a ruckus.  The noises
that come out through the fan are really weird.  Sometimes, it almost sounds
like words! (no, I'm not losing it, at least I don't think I am)
I am amazed at the patience cats have!  I'm also surprised they don't get
stiff necks!  They sit for long stretches of time - until they are
discovered & shooed off.
Being the worry wart I am, I'm always worried that they may inadvertently
turn on one of the elements.  I don't think they could, they aren't that
easy to turn on,  but ... you never know.  The other day, I had something
boiling away on the stove and Dana was sitting on the counter beside just
staring up!!  (we don't turn the fan on now, when we hear the birds).  Quite
unperterbed - I would have thought the steam would have scared her away.
This said fan is where the mouse ran out a couple of weeks ago ......



Stove Sitters

Post by Starrevr » Sat, 15 Jan 2000 04:00:00


>All 3 of my cats have become stove sitters.


I've seen no less than 6 cats sleeping there on any given morning.