It's quiet. Too Quiet.

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It's quiet. Too Quiet.

Post by MLB » Sun, 26 Jul 2009 08:37:36


> I woke up around 230 am today, out of a sound sleep. When I opened my
> eyes, I tried to figure out what woke me up.

> It was completely dark, with not even the little power indicator
> lights from all our electronic devices showing. The display of the
> (thankfully battery-backed-up) alarm radio was dark. The background
> sounds of refrigerator motor and box fan were missing. It was actually
> kind of nice. Peaceful. I was not, however, eaten by a grue. No
> greeblings showed up.

> Even so, the cats were nervous, but having a great time zooming
> between darkness-blinded humans' feet and bouncing across the
> ***oline, er, bladder. I think I invented a few new words, and
> partially lit up the darkness with the uttering of them (grin).

> Apparently, a transformer popped somewhere nearby, as the entire
> block, maybe more, appeared to be powered off. You never realize how
> much you rely on power-indicator lights when walking to the bathroom
> "in the dark" until they aren't there... However, I was vindicated for
> my purchase of a "geek toy" (according to Senyah) batteryless
> flashlight five years ago, as Senyah needed it to get to the bathroom
> (evil grin).

> Also, we lost phone service as well, until about an hour ago, which I
> think is just weird, since the phones don't usually seem to rely on
> the regular power grid so much.

> So we went back to sleep, hoping the doors were sealed enough to keep
> the cool air in, and that the power would be back on before the high
> heat of the day kicked in. The cats, seeing as how we weren't going to
> amuse them any further, settled in too, adding light purrs to the
> soundless room.

> The alarm went off (damn battery!) as usual, and I went through all
> the rooms to turn things back on that couldn't turn themselves back
> on, like the coffee-maker time, the microwave time, a couple of
> oscillating fans, the digital flamethrower and the ecto-containment
> system in the ba***t.

> Dulce Mae and Little Boy made it clear that power or no power, they
> expected breakfast. Gee, how did I know THAT?

> Hugs and Purrs,
> Mark
> --
> Proof of Sanity Forged Upon Request

I really hate it when the power goes off.  My carbon monoxide detector
shrieks when it goes on or off and really startles me.  I have placed
flashlights close by in each room (experience) as when it is dark here
it is really dark.  My computer room phone usually functions so I
autodial the power company to alert them that the power is off in this
vicinity.  If it is storming, I pull the plug on the fridge, the
computer and the
t vs.  Then go back to bed praying that it won't last long.  MLB