Why My Cat Is Cool

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Why My Cat Is Cool

Post by Candac » Thu, 07 Jul 2005 12:27:11


> My cat is cool because today:

> We was out in the yard, and a mamma bird was swooping down and hitting
> his back...Ruprecht never flinched, he was super cool, and kept on with
> his searching around the yard. I think he was looking for the mamma
> birds nest. It was cool that the bird swipes didn't phase him at all.
> Ruprecht is old, he is a wise old cat. I think he is very graceful.

How old is he?  i hadn't thought of him as an old cat.

Here we have mockingbirds all over the place and they love to dive bomb
the cats.  My cats don't go out (except one on his walking jacket and
that is rarely right now as it's 114 degrees) but there are
neighborhood cats all over.  Those birds are very nervy and just chase
the cats, grab the fur on their backs, it's amazing.