New self-cleaning litter box invention

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New self-cleaning litter box invention

Post by Thomas David Keh » Thu, 06 Jan 1994 03:16:19

We saw a new invention at the San Jose cat show last weekend: a
self-cleaning litter box.

The bottom is a regular litter box.  Every few days, you just turn
a hand crank.  A wire basket with a shovel blade goes down one
side of the box, across the bottom, and up the opposite side.  

The litter is shoveled through the wire basket.  The unused litter
falls through, back into the litter box.  Any objects in the
litter stay in the wire basket.  The wire basket then goes up to
the top of a chute and turns upside down.  The contents of the
basket drop down into those plastic bags from supermarkets.

Every two weeks, you throw away the bag, and add fresh litter and
a new bag.  You never get your hands dirty.

You have to use urine-clumping litter.  The company recommends
certain brands.

The product is patented, and just became available two weeks ago.  
The price is $99.50.  It's made here in San Jose, by handicapped
people at a Goodwill factory.  This is the only product made by a
small business.

I believe the toll-free telephone number is (800) 922-8269.  If
not, the toll number is (408) 365-1170.  The company is called
Mini Machines and the product is the Speed-Kleen Kitty Latrine.

I am not associated with the company.  We don't even have a litter
box -- our cats enjoy 1.5 acres and good California weather for
their relief.
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