self clean litter boxes

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self clean litter boxes

Post by scullyca » Sat, 03 Dec 2005 05:51:52

Has anybody had any success with the electronic self cleaning cat litter
I just returned one because it turned our to be a much bigger mess than
litter boxes. any comments

self clean litter boxes

Post by minerva.phoe.. » Tue, 06 Dec 2005 08:22:55

I have recently bought a littermaid. I was well aware of the criticism.
Mainly, people say that it does not eliminate the work. And I agree
with it. You have to use good litter to allow the machine to work
properly. You have also to check every day to see if there things are
not stuck or all the litter is on one side. The amount of littler is
also important. You also have to clean it once every month or so.

The truth is I am going on a long trip very soon and leaving my cat
with my parents who have never owned a cat. They are thrilled, but a
little worried. When they heard about the littermaid they kind of
suggested me to get it. I want to make their lives easier, so I bought
it. I am still not sure I would have otherwise.

In summary, I think it helps, but it is not all that can be. It does
not eliminate the work, but it reduces the frequency you have to clean
the litter box.