Covering behavior outside

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Covering behavior outside

Post by Diane Diberardi » Wed, 19 Oct 1994 19:26:00

MCC>Hello All,

MCC>I'm having some trouble interpreting my kitten's behavior.  Occasionally he
MCC>will move to "cover" his food, or a toy before he walks away from it.  I ha
MCC>been thinking that this is signifying he is done eating or playing and want
MCC>more to do with the stuff.  Is it rejection, or is he "hiding" it for later

MCC>Who can tell?

MCC>Thanks in advance,

My youngest cat also covers her food.  I believe it is because for her
first year, she was fed a kitten food up on a cabinet that the other two
cats didn't really bother.  About 8 months after she started on ***
food, I wasn't as careful about where I put the food.  Then I did some
rearranging, and her food became more accessible to the other cats, who
ate it all.  Now she covers all her food (no matter whose dish she eats

Unfortunatly, she also coveres her messes the same was she covers her
food - by scratching the walls, the floor, anything but the litter!  :)
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