Name my roomates cat contest RESULTS!

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Name my roomates cat contest RESULTS!

Post by Brian D. Swalwe » Wed, 07 Dec 1994 11:05:51

After much debate and many, many sleepless and argue filled nights, a name
was finnally chosen for my roomate's cat.

Many people asked...

> What's my prize if I win? A trip to Hawaii?

Ha Ha, no.  We just didn't have the budget for that.  In leiu of a Hawaiian
trip we were going to provide a .GIF of the cat and the knowledge that your
actions affected others lives miles and miles away.

We considered hundreds of names, many of which were provided by the good
netters of rec.pets.cats.  (A few of my favorites were Socrates, Edgar, and

My roomate's cat at 6:30 pm, Tuesday November 29, 1994 was officially named

(kinda lame, I know, it was proposed by our neighbor.  But really, once you
take a look at his ears, you will have to agree.  Besides, its fun to say
things like "Dammit Spock!!", and "Haven't you got any damn feelings

"Biggles" came in a very close second.

Anyway, thanks very much for the help.  If anyone still wants the .GIF I
could probably email it.   Also, I could compile all the suggestions and
email that too.

--- Brian
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