Hydrosols (aromatherapy) for skin condition?

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Hydrosols (aromatherapy) for skin condition?

Post by pago » Sat, 13 Apr 2013 10:09:47

Anyone have a recommendation for which hydrosols are best in healing cuts in skin (bare)? My 16-yr diabetic cat had fur knots under which were raw (she's had 2 ea. 2-wk antibiotic shots, Panalog (generic) cream, and has been shorn over rear hip with samples taken for mites, fungus and a biopsy.

Original Staph treatment wrong but lavender hydrosol _did_ begin to heal the original area. Now there's no use of any ointment - only skin and stitches and a compounded Betadine rinse over stitches a couple of times a day.

I've become irritated at vet's slow appproach, so am again using the Lavender hydrosol (will order more) and need to know if I  should add German Chamomile or another hydrosol to assist in healing the bare sore skin which will later be an itchy area.

Anyone out there use aromatherapy? Or is it only me. who has had chemistry or studied aromatherapy or used it?

This is an immediate (you might say) problem, so the sooner I can get a reply, the more quickly I can get the meds here and help her.

Please, feel free to forward  this to anyone you know who has knowledge of aromatherapy and hydrosols and cats and skin problems. Thank a lot.

I AM aware that essential oils are poisonous to cats, that's the reason for using hydrosols. She's quite stiff and arthritic and unable to twist around to reach the spot of the problem & is likely (probablly) the reason this all began in the first place. And cannot use cortisone with insulin - I've been warned.

My cats are my only family as I've no other. Last year, Dennis (a Tuxedo intruder) left us at 21 and another intruder, Ruffles, a Maine Coon is the same age as Crumb (subject of this missive) guards her & our home.

Guilt slinks along my shadow and fills my dreams.

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Hydrosols (aromatherapy) for skin condition?

Post by buglad » Sun, 14 Apr 2013 00:41:31

> Anyone have a recommendation for which hydrosols are best in healing cuts in skin (bare)?

Nope.  ......I'd dab on watered down olive leaf extract in glycerin
myself.  I've found that ***olive leaf extract also helps heal skin

   She's quite stiff and arthritic
...........EFas and Vit E in the food. Maybe a little extra Vit A also.
  This will help skin from inside out.  When my skin is dry I realize
I've not eaten enough EFA containing food.

......DMG may help also.  I use Pet Immune from Swanson's.

Good luck with your oldster.

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