Sleepless nights - Espy spends a night in the box

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Sleepless nights - Espy spends a night in the box

Post by dgk » Wed, 07 Mar 2007 23:19:37

The introduction of Marlo into the household has been fairly smooth,
but Epsy has taken to yowling starting at 3am and running till 5am. At
first I thought that he saw something in the backyard but that isn't
it. And since he only does it in the early morning hours, it doesn't
seem (physical) health related.

No, I think he's stressed about the new girl. Perfectly
understandable, but after three nights of this I really needed some
sleep. When it started last night I scooped him up and put HIM in the
Cat Introduction Room and closed the door. At least since Marlo
arrived there is a litterbox in it.

It hurt because I know that it isn't Epsy's fault, but I really needed
to sleep. At around 5:30 I woke up and let him out. Oddly, he was very
affectionate, rubbing and***ing me. He doesn't do that normally. So
I pet him and cuddled him and told him that everything was ok. Unless
he starts yowling tonight.

The boys and Marlo appear to be doing well. There were some monumental
races around the house yesterday. Everyone seemed to be having a good

I'll see how it goes.