HELP! Introducing grown cat/grown dog

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HELP! Introducing grown cat/grown dog

Post by TrishGA » Fri, 08 Aug 1997 04:00:00


I have a very sweet, loving, but also jealous and possessive (!) 9 year
old female housecat.   I just adopted (last weekend) a very sweet, very
gentle, incredibly even-tempered miniature dachshund 5 year old female.  I
live in an apartment, and they are both indoor animals.

The first day everything went smoothly, but the second day Zelda (my cat)
started being very jealous of Thelma Lou (my dog) and her lap time, food
time, etc.   I am afraid that she will act out and hurt the tiny little
dog, so I have been keeping them separated a lot and supervising their
time together.  

I want to introduce them SAFELY to each other, and I need some big-time
help here!   I have never had a cat and dog together before.   Can anyone
here give some good advice on introducing them safely and as peaceably as
possible to each other?    

I am thinking about getting my cat's nails trimmed or getting the little
plastic sheaths for her nails (the type that fall off when the nails
grow).   Anyone tried that??

Any help or advice, here or via email, would be VERY GREATLY


Atlanta, GA

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