MEOW:Jellicle Ball Story-The Mousie Hunt (long)

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MEOW:Jellicle Ball Story-The Mousie Hunt (long)

Post by Fuzzmonste » Wed, 07 Oct 1998 04:00:00


>It all began around the first part of August, 1996.
>Mommie noticed alot of mice and rats running across
>the road near where we live ( in the Country near Houston).
>She also knew that everyone around the area was having a
>serious problem with rats and mice eating the grain for
>the livestock, fouling it with droppings and generally
>making life quite unpleasant. But the final straw came
>when she went to the chicken coop and found her best
>hen dead and the eggs eaten. The hen had been torn wing from
>wing buy rats. That was when we decided to act. Britches, Trouble,
>and I took it upon ourselves to enlist the help of the cats from RPC
>to help with the over-abundance of rodents in the area.
>Marmalade, the kitten from next door, wanted to learn to
>hunt as well, so we decided to hold the First Annual Mousie

>We got alot of flack at first, about humans who did not
>like their cats hunting defensless animals, but when we
>explained why we were doing this, most everyone aggreed
>to help. We got some extra caged mice from Ms Radonna,
>who had an over-abundance for her snake, so that the
>younger kitties could learn to hunt without having to
>worry about the wildness of the mice. The DOC's and VC's
>were to watch over the young kitties, teaching them tricks of
>the trade.

>The Horses from the pasture next door offered to help flush
>out the mice and rats from the hiding places in the field. They
>promised to be very careful, and not step on any of the cats that
>were doing the hunt. They were especially aware of the concerns
>of Spike, VC, and promised to treat him with the utmost consideration.

>(a moment of silence to remember Spike)

>The first day of the hunt dawned with Hundreds of cats perched on the
>fence ready to face the hunt. Jon Tom, Vlad, and Trouble set up the arena
>for the young kitties and all went well. The second day was rainy, and the
>cats decided to rest a day. It was during this day of rest and relaxation
>that we became aware that we had "visitors" whom we could not see. A
>shimmer had been noted over the nip juleps and BBQ tables, and some of the
>food had disappeared.

>On the third day, several of the younger kitties were showing promise
>of being great mousers. The Catch and Release system was alos taught.
>A problem began to arise later in the day with a delegation of pet mice,
>rats, gerbils, and birds who wanted the hunt stopped. The law office of
>Christofur was retained to assist in this legal issue. One of the horses
>gave rides to the kitties in the yard. Becuase of the problem with the
>other pets, the day was spent at the Grand Catseeno Cat-shada in Louisianna.
>Part of the winnings of the cats were turned over to Christofur to defray
>the legal costs.

>Day 5 brought a thunderstorm to the field. However, after it was over, many
>of the cats learned how to hunt crawdads, frogs and turtles. These were added
>to the mice and rats caught in the field and the dinner that night was especially
>scrumptious, thanks to Pierre's culinary expertise.

>Day 6 started with an exhibition of skills learned by the younger kitties.
>Ribbons were awarded for skill and agility. Christofur arranged for a restraining
>order against the other creatures and the hunt continued. The population of mice
>and rats was brought down to an acceptable level for the area by the end of the
>day. Day 7 marked the start of the end of the Great Texas Drought. SOme of the
>kitties watched movies featuring great cats in film. Everyone went home, tired
>but satisfied.

>There will be another Mousie Hunt next year, hopefuly with the cooperation
>of the small pets who objected to this year's hunt.

>Respectfully submitted:

>Patches, Britches, Trouble, and Marmalade