MEOW: Carnivul update, WCC update

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MEOW: Carnivul update, WCC update

Post by <shamr.. » Fri, 28 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Ize will donate sum of Finnegan's spayshullist nip to the carnivul.

MEOW: Carnivul update, WCC update

Post by Kami Sco » Sun, 30 Jun 1996 04:00:00

>   * LOST AND FOUND BOOTH- Malusee. Iffn sumthin getz lost, yu can see
>iffn sumwun turnd it in here. Weze'll need sumwun els to help out too.
>   * TUNNEL UV LUV-  Streem wif a tunnel and botez, so winkwinks can go in
>and ride in da tunnel uv luv. Yu duzn't git wet or seesik.
>   *CONCESHUN STANDS- I fink Caspurr and Cubby'z gonna do dis, but need a
>third kitty, so Caspurr and Cubby can take dere brakes at da same time.

Hi Kitsen,

Weze can help out so kitties can haf brakes.  Weze been finking dat if
all da kitties are buzy wif booths and stuff, den dere be no kitties
to have fun in da booths.  So we help out a bit so doze kitties can go
haf sum fun too.

Bootsie, Gizmo and Sassy
  and Princess, too

Bootsie, Gizmo, Sassy and canine pal Princess are at
...and classic quotations from r.p.c.'s "Meowchat"