Taz's First Lie!

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Taz's First Lie!

Post by Rhonda Hab » Tue, 22 Nov 1994 17:00:28

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later! Taz is only twelve weeks old now
and he told his first lie about two weeks ago and has been telling the same
one since! Of course, I try to tell my husband that Taz is lying to him, but
he believes Taz everytime!

Every morning, I give Taz fresh food, a vitamin, and clean water. He eats and
seems very satisfied -- no complaints. Then, when my husband gets up, Taz just
cries and cries and tells him that he's *starving*. So, my husband believes
him (like always!) and mixes his dry food with the wet stuff. What I find
funny about this is that Taz *never* complains about dry food when I feed him
-- he pigs out!

Such is life when you're owned by a cat, right?!
The highest cost of livin's
dyin -- that's one everybody
     So have it spent before you
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     There's no time to kill

(Clint Black/No Time To Kill)