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Post by John & Melinda Sherida » Tue, 20 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Ok, I think I can do this now, hopefully.  

Since Spike's passing, I have been stunned, overwhelmed, and humbled by
all the messages from humans and cats sharing in John and my grief.  I
have been rendered speechless as to what I can possibly say in the way
of thanks for all the wonderful messages and tributes.  This is my
feeble attempt.

Know that the past few months would have been even more hellish if it
hadn't been for all of you, your love, your support, and maybe most
importantly, the laughter you gave to all three of us, that kept us
strong.  It will be something I will always treasure.

I will continue to contribute here in RPC where I feel I can be of help.
In that regard, I would like to say two things.  If you have an older
cat, possibly starting around age eight, definitely by age 10, when you
take them in for their yearly check-ups and shots, ask your vet to run a
geriactric feline *** panel on the cat at the same time.  This one
*** test can reveal signs of many of the problems that affect older
cats and at an early enough stage that steps can be taken to help them
live longer lives.  I credit it with helping us to prolong Spike's life
from when he was first diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure in 1991.

Second, for those whose cats have kidney problems, especially Chronic
Renal Failure, there is a wonderful new website specializing in this
problem.  It has been put together by David and Carol DiFiori at URL  After one of my vets looked at it when I
told him about it, he was so impressed with not only the medical
information available there, but also the non-medical, that he printed
out pieces of it to give to other owners of cats with renal problems in
their practice.  Spike's picture is also up on their Tribute page.

I am working on replying to all the wonderful letters that I have
recieved, really, I am, but because of all the messages here, I am
afraid this will have to stand as my most heartfelt "thank you" to
everyone.  Anyone who would like to make a contribution to their
favorite shelter in Spike's memory would get a phantom head***from a
grey old ***.  Once again, thank you.