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Post by joelle.le.. » Wed, 01 Feb 1995 01:44:27

Ever have this happen?

Hubby went down the hall, past the catbox, to get something.  As he was
coming back, I saw something that looked kinda suspicious on the floor,
but I coudn't quite see it clearly.  Husband was just past whatever
it was...

"What is that?"  I asked aloud immediately as I spotted it.

Husband stopped, asked what I saw, then as I started to answer, he
turned around to look where I was pointing...

Elapsed time   Event
------------   -----
00.00 seconds   SQUOOOIIISH!
00.05 seconds   hubby still clueless, still pivoting around to look
01.00 seconds   poop-smeared shoe lands in second spot on carpet
04.00 seconds   I run down the hall to confirm my suspicions
                and stop hubby from doing more damage.

ARRRRGH!  If I hadn't said anything, he wouldn't have stepped in it!

Maybe I should cross-post this to alt.whine?  Sigh.

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