update: piglet: queen of the jungle!

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update: piglet: queen of the jungle!

Post by nancy christens » Tue, 22 Jul 1997 04:00:00

well, everybody it seems that piglet has adapted rather nicely to living
indoors, and never begs to go out! she has us completely in her little
paws. she already has us trained to fetch her, fetch her toys, and hand
feed her our meals.

she loves having the evening crazies, with several different toys at the
same time. she especially loves a tennis ball, and a little back piece
of plastic shaped like a small napkin holder, but without being totally
connected at the circle. that way she can pick it up if she deems so.
(where this came from i have no idea, it just appeared last night when
she started playing hockey with it in the front hall way floor). she
loves the tile, she just slides acrossed with her toys!

this week or next: shots! after that spaying!

bretta, owned and operated by
piglet: queen of the jungle ;)!!!