Retailers Doing Good Deeds

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Retailers Doing Good Deeds

Post by Johanna L Bota » Sat, 13 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hey, all.  I just wanted to post a message I originally wrote to my local
conference system, about a store here in Guelph.  I'm not associated with
the store, nor am I expecting to drum up business for them, but I thought
it is an EXCELLENT example of how a successful business can be community
and animal-welfare conscious at the same time.  Maybe, if any of you
readers out there operate, or work at companion-animal supply stores, you
could consider if this type of idea would work for you!

Since all of the reputable pet supply stores in town are out of my way, I
hadn't had a preference 'til recently.  However, after reading about the
Whittakers' who run a local Ryan's I started shopping there (when I can't
get what I need at the shelter).

They run a well-kept and well stocked little store, it has the feel of a
really friendly mom'n'pop place.  There's a grooming salon attached.  They
have two store pets, Max the Schnauzer and Fudge the Cat.  Pictures of
customers pets are posted all over the place.  And what impressed me most
is that last fall, they started helping out the Humane Society by taking
in cats to foster.  

The Whittakers' provide a large (4x4x6 ft?) kennel, and all supplies and
toys for one or a pair of cats at a time, who reside in the store with
their Humane Society information attached to the kennel, and get to visit
with all the customers.  So far, 15 cats have found new homes (since last
fall) thanks to the Whittakers' donation of time, space, and supplies.
And you can tell they love "their" cats, Mrs. Whittaker always has news of
how the adoptees are doing in their new homes (one of them recently ate
the hamster, oops), and every now and then she gets so worried when one
has been there for a long time, she keeps threatening to adopt them
herself.  :)

They've certainly built the kind of business that would keep ME as a
customer.  I'd love to see or hear about more business people like them.



...sorry, teacher, my cat ate my .sig.