Mousie Hunt Day One

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Mousie Hunt Day One

Post by dia.. » Wed, 04 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Meow Britches, Patches, Trouble an Marmalade!

Fangu for welcoming me an my mom Sally to the Mousie hunt! Im stil not
sure if its a dreem or if we reelly figured ou how to teleport! Whatefur
it is, I had lots of fun. I woud haf liked to stay longer but coudnt this

 At furst our meowmie Diane wasnt efun going to let us come but when she
saw the mousie I cot all by myself abouwt to weeks ago, she sayd sumthing
like "I dont have to like it but I guess I cant stop it". I think she ment
me an mom hunting mousiez.

Im happy we coud come an meet Rors and Caitlin an Malusee an JonTom an
Vlad and the other kittiez. Thanks fur the hunting refinemint tips!

The Pounce was delishus.  We dont get any heer. Grate BBQ!  My furst!
You are grate hosts and I hope to come and visit in Fresno again sumday soon.
Can I sleep inna old trailer again with all of you?  That was *** nice
to be together an stay up late relaxin together.  

Come an visit us enytime. Ackshuly a weekend iz best becauz I haf to stay
in this tiny apartmint when Diane iz at work onna week dayz.  She sayz im
to little to go out all day. An we wont hav eny fun in heer.  I kno. Today
I tryed to play wif a plant. It waznt much fun reely.  Just keep out of my
mom Sally's way.  Shes *** nervous and growls an efen yells stuff
sumtimes. She doesnt reely efun want to play wif me enymore.  She sayz Im
too big and leev her alone. But if yu come to visit she wil watch an meow
wif us if she wants to.  

Meowfurnow! Ember O an Sally

"Not all who wander are lost."  JRR Tolkien