Mousie hunt! (was Where has kitty hidden Mousies)

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Mousie hunt! (was Where has kitty hidden Mousies)

Post by Bobc » Sat, 28 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Thanks for all the terrific suggestions.  I looked under the stove (no
mousies), but thanks to my landlord putting my fridge on carpeting
(don't ask!) I can't move it or get a yardstick under it.  Next week
I'm going to do the spring cleaning and search the closets, and I have
discovered that the fabric that is supposed to be on the underside of
the couch has come loose (gee, I wonder how that happened) so I'll be
getting in there too.

Your suggestions and stories brought a smile (especially the cat that
devours the mice!), thanks again!

Janet A. Asper
University of Pittsburgh Dept. of Chemistry

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