MEOW: Newton's Diary a big hit!

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MEOW: Newton's Diary a big hit!

Post by Renee Babcoc » Thu, 09 May 1996 04:00:00

Ize jes wanted to tell all y'all kitties that a d*glovin fren of mommy
went an looked at Newton's Diary, an he thought it was fury, fury
gudgudgud.  He sez da grafix is gud, an da story is fury gudgud.  I
finks weze all inerestin kitties, an Newton is fury talented.


[Renee here: I had lunch with a good friend today, and told him that it
looks like Elektra finally has a winkwink friend, and he laughed.  Not
too much of a wierd look, but then, he knows me.  So, I gave him the
URL, and he said he loved the diary.  And this from an avowed dog