piglet: the exterminator!

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piglet: the exterminator!

Post by nancy christens » Thu, 07 Aug 1997 04:00:00

dear al,

don't worry about piglet, she will be fine! they spayed 6 months ago, so
the poison is long gone. it wasn't very strong anyway. besides you would
have to catch her and she is just to fast when it comes to protein! she
will eat anything so far but, bananas that i have tried so far! ofcourse
i haven't tried much so far! but, i'm getting there!

thanks for your concern will write personally later. been busy working
on nice homepage, will send address later, too!

bretta ;)!!!

this place ruled by piglet: the exterminator kitty ;)!!!


piglet: the exterminator!

Post by Stuart Johns » Fri, 08 Aug 1997 04:00:00


>hey people i got a cat that is better than raid! my greedy landlord
>sprayed for the roaches that were here (unfortunately, i didn't know
>this when i moved in the apartment), before me. well, needless to say
>the spray only made for some very stoned roaches!

>after about a two weeks with our new kitty piglet: queen of the jungle,
>we noticed that not only would she chase bugs, moths, ants, and anything
>else that flew, ran, or just was there, but that she would gobble them
>down. how cool! (also disgusting to watch! yuck!)

>she ate more in one day than my landlord killed in one 30 minute session
>of professional spray with poison. a plus is she is totally non-toxic!
>we love it! to bad due to curcumstances beyond our control we are stuck
>in this slum for another year!
>but at least we have our piglet. long may she reign!

She won't reign look if she eats poisoned bugs, what doesn't kill them
might kill her (roaches are good at adapting to the chemicles used
against them. It's my theory that roaches and weeds wouldn't be
effected in the slightest by nuclear war).

Stuart Johnson

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piglet: the exterminator!

Post by nancy christens » Fri, 08 Aug 1997 04:00:00

as i said in the previous post, the spraying was six to eight months
ago, the spray wouldn't be in bugs anymore. the only reason i even
mentioned the spraying was to say that she was better than the spray. i
would never let her eat poisoned bugs!

the pest control assured me that the spray doesn't even last that long
in the house! only 48 days! it's been longer then that! those roaches
have passed on to roach heaven. these are a new batch, and you are right
about nuclear war! the roaches will be here long after we are extinct!

so DON'T WORRY! she will be fine! we've only had her about a month! the
spraying happened months, before she was even a thought in our minds!

bretta and piglet: the exterminator kitty ;)!!!

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