Soulistic cat food

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Soulistic cat food

Post by Julie Bov » Thu, 28 Mar 2013 12:12:06

Has anyone tried this?  While Bali seems to eat more variety than her mom
does, Jazzy was eating very little.  She hasn't seemed to have lost any
weight at all. They are due to go to the vet soon so I will ask him.  Bali
has always been thin and long in build.  She looks a bit thinner to me now
but she is also now fully grown and I think perhaps has grown more in
length.  She has the build of a wiener dog.  Just in cat form.

Both love tuna.  I was feeding them the Skipjack Appetizers and they used to
both wolf it down but then they quit eating it except for a few token bites.
So it got to where I would only put a few bites down for them.

I tried a variety of other tuna foods and again, they'd eat only a few
bites.  Then I found Soulistic.  I bought the small cans of the Nautical
Nirvana Tuna and Skipjack Dinner - In Gravy.

It's the blue can listed in the middle.  They loved the stuff.  Wolfed it
right down.  No problems.

Then I placed an order for the same stuff but in the larger cans.  Less cans
to open since they can split one and it's a tad cheaper to get that way.
But it looked different!  Kind of bad!  Like it appeared to have huge chunks
in it.  So huge that it would be hard for a human to eat without cutting it.
And pieces of what looked like fish skin with scales on it.  Eek!  They
still loved it but...

Both of them began puking all over.  Usually just small amounts.  But...  It
didn't look like they were puking this.  They were puking their treats!
They like the Pounce tuna.  I was out of those and the only thing I had was
the canisters of the Whiska***in's tuna.  They will pretty much eat any
tuna treats so long as they are crunchy.  They get their treats at midnight.
And they can tell when it is midnight!  If I don't give them treats, they
tell me about it.

Because of the puking, I didn't give them any treats.  But then I awoke this
morning to three little piles and one big one of cat treats!  So apparently
Angela gave them some treats.

They have been eating these same treats now for many months.  Perhaps even a
year!  No problems.  Up until now they have rarely puked.  Bali did have
problems when she had parasites.  She had them when we got her but then had
some other kind.  One was roundworms but I can't remember what the other one
was.  One is common in kittens and they often get them from their mother's
milk.  Jazzy has never had parasites.

So tonight, I gave them the old Appetizers.  They ate heartily although did
not eat the entire amount.  And I bought several other packets of treats to
give them tonight.

I don't know what the problem could be.  Has anyone bought this cat food
before?  Did it cause any problems?  Thanks!