Phillip Gonzalez and Ginny: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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Phillip Gonzalez and Ginny: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Post by David A. Medeir » Tue, 02 Apr 1996 04:00:00

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the two of you and thanks for the great work you do rescuing cats on Long Island!
In the words of Mr. Spock, May you live long and prosper and may all those for whom you care. Give our regrds to Sheliah Harris, Betty Boop, Topsy, Revlon, Klaatu (my personal favorite name since I, too, love and a copy of "The Day the Earth Stood Still") et al.

If you haven't read the book "The Dog who Rescues Cats" about Phillip and Ginny (Good Houskeeping, 6/94 had an article), you owe to yourself. You ain't going to believe this dog.
Ginny almost makes me believe in God :>). Oh, we have a cat we rescued about eight years ago named ***ia Woods after the place where we found her who we, of course, call Ginny.
Love the coincidence. Yeah, I'm probably late in discovering Phillip and Ginny but I'm the first to wish them an electronic "Happy Birthday!" ;>)

David and Gail

We have five cats and rescued four: Ginny found in the chminey of an old now gone inn in the woods of Stoneham, MA, Reginald (orange, polydactyl) and Benjamin (Maine Coon) gotten from North Shore Animal Shelter, Sylvester (very polydactyl and, yes, black and white).
Our oldest is Cognac, solid chocolate persian, bought from a breeder 17 years ago. Our neighbors have eight, some rescued.