's time for: CAT DIARY!

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Cat lovers around the world, it's time for another installment of the infamous

Oct 14, 1998

They were pointing the finger at me!  What did I do?  Seems the
neighbors expensive pet parrot got dispatched by a cat.  Well,
normally I wouldn't give a scratch, but I was the one accused of
doing the deed!   No one saw it happen, but there was
incriminating fur at the scene of the crime.   Seems the bird put
up a fight.  But that fur was not mine!  Isn't there kitty DNA
tests out there?  I feel like OJ Simpson, only I REALLY didn't do
it.  I wouldn't drive a white Ford Bronco even if I knew how
(Although the neighbor cat's nickname *is* AC).   Does anybody
have Barry Scheck's phone number?  Maybe Henry Lee could testify
on my behalf, too.  Hey, when I dispatch a creature I bring it
home to the Big Owner to show off!  No, the victim was found a
few doors down...right on the doorstep. Like *I* am going to
deliver my bird to someone else's big owners?  It is sad these
days to walk over there and see the little white chalk outline
where the bird was found.   And it looks as if the perp will get
off scott free.  Nobody's saying anything...because we can't say
anything!  It's good to be a cat.  Only some times it's better
than others.  It was a good day.


They are the actual diary writings of a real cat...mine!

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Some of the Cat Diary readers have taken the time to forward a few kind words:

"You know how I love the cat diary, Mark!  I do feel so sorry for
you, though.  Your cat gives you quite the hard time!"

"Mark, sign me up.  I love cats.  I had to give mine away when I
moved into this apartment, I really miss them.  I had one way
back when I was a student at the Univ. of Montana.  I really miss
him." (...and this diary will insure that you may never have

"Love knowing somebody else has a cat that keeps us on our toes!"
(I think my cat took out a big insurance policy on me!)

I'll include some of your comments and some of your own cat
stories from time to time.

In the meantime, spread the good word.  And we'll be reading from
the diary again next week.


Mark Mason
Portland, Oregon, USA

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