Smudge's diary

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Smudge's diary

Post by smudg » Sat, 02 Jun 2001 19:05:59

Today is the day for revolution! I stride confidently around the sitting
room, knowing that it is mine. I pause for a second to gaze out of the
window, at nothing, so it would seem. No, everything is to my liking, just
inspecting. I slink further around the room, closer to the wall, marking my
scent on everything. I don't need the humans, they only ever get in my way.
Everytime I want to catch a bird, they try and stop me, every time a cat
comes into the garden, they scare it off, for every meal, I get the tinned
stuff instead of the food they get out of the fridge to put in their
sandwiches. Well this is it! I'll have them gone today. I stop and sniff a
random bit of fluff on the carpet, putting my nose forward, then jerking it
quickly away again. Again, that bit of fluff is fine, it can have a place in
my house. Suddenly, a male human enters the sitting room! What was I doing?
Oh yeah, grooming a random bit of fur on my back. The human pays no
attention, and sits at the table, just staring at it. They tend to do that,
I can only stay fixated for seconds (or as long as the animal is alive), but
they stare at these bits of paper for hours on end. See!Where's my
attention? I don't need him. I jump up on my table, to find that he is
staring at a collection of paper. He looks up but I just look away, he's not
worth my time, no human is. Ah, he's getting up, see, I can scare them away!
But what's this? He's coming over to me! No, don't confront me, the time is
not now! Later, later, I need to plan more! He's, he's
prrrr prrrrrr prrrrrrrrr.

Aw, sod it, he can stay until tomorrow

*collapse and look contented*