10 year old cat just drops dead

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10 year old cat just drops dead

Post by SpaceBa » Sat, 29 Dec 2001 18:12:29

Hi everyone!  Bad news, huh?  Well, my 10 year old cat was sleeping in her
favorite chair the to other evening surrounded by my xmas tree ornaments.  I
just carefully picked up items around her and left her along.  This was at
about 7 PM.  At about 11 PM, I looked over at her and just new she had
passed away.  All day she'd been screaming in my face (never, ever does
that!).  So, I checked her out and sure enough, she was cold and stiffening.
Well, I wrapped her up in an old towel and protected her from outside vermin
and we properly disposed of her in the morning.

Oddest thing.  This cat was the litter of one - born on my bed.  Her mother
disappeared when she was 4 weeks old.  And then she dies in my face.

I always thought older cats died in the bush when their time came?  What was
this about?  Any ideas................

Carrie and thanks in advance ;-)