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I hope you guys aren't sick of me.  I have a couple more questions I'd like
to ask of you all.  If anyone feels like replying, please feel free.  :)

1.  How often do you read the newsgroup and why?

2.  Have you ever asked for advice about your cat before?  Was the advice
        you received helpful?

3.  Have you made any friends because of the group?

4.  Do you know why or how the group was started? (or where I can find that

5.  What kind of helpful little hints have you learned because of the group?

6.  This is a very specific question.  One person who responded to me (sorry
        I don't have your name handy) talked about a cat named Finnegan
        whose death was a big issue on the group.  I'd love to hear more
        about this if anyone has posts saved or feels like telling me about

Thanks again for your time.  I hate to keep bugging you but with a story
about the Internet, this is the only real way I know of to find information.

If you know of anything at all that might help me out, feel free to let me
know about it.  :)

Brian Good


"She was once accused of trying to assassinate
the rock temptress Stevie Nicks!"
                - line from "Mr. Wrong" starring Ellen DeGeneres